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Guerreros de Audaces Batallas (189MHz_06) 2015



Bold warriors and the battles of everyday life.
In this release, the sisters of NSISTA still crossing borders and genres with their original music. Warm electronic beats, ethereal voices, trance atmospheres and a very clear message: Commitment with everything you think, speak, want, consume and spread.
Dedicated to the brave and tireless warriors worldwide.

Abrazo Bogotá (189MHz_05) 2014



Impressions of a city.
Cold, chaos, ¨soroche¨ and loneliness.

The daily life of a Latin American megacity, where what stands out is the warmth and the strong embrace of its people.

NOW or NOW (189MHz_04) 2013



The album is as “a soundtrack of change,” a picture of a world in crisis expressed in five, interconnected songs full of the artists’ unmistakable joy and optimism. Contains several NSISTA traits: multiple languages, Afro-Latin rhythms, electronic beats. But the music and lyrics weave a far more sociopolitical narrative than previous albums, a thematic progression that begins with the ethereal Iby Guara and culminates in the emphatic title track Now or Now.

2012 (189MHz_03) 2012



2012, beautiful song composed by Amarilis & R Mustafé to their project The Velotroll, was edited by 189 MHz, with the precious remix of NSISTA, to celebrate the new year, 2012. The mystical atmosphere an inspired lyrics, with melodies that reminds brazilian influences of the Milton Nascimento´s music from 70`s, amidst Afro-Brazilian rhythms and advanced electronica. A musical pearl to the new era.

MOYUGBÁ (189MHz_01) 2011




“I salute you,” say the sisters of NSISTA. And not in spanish or portuguese, but in yoruba, an african language. MOYUGBÁ, the debut album of NSISTA is the lucid expression of two musicians who understand that in order to create a new language and launch it into a globalized world, one must first forge a strong connection to one’s roots. Simultaneously concrete and spiritual, reverent and daring in equal measure, and as close to the damp earth as it is to the dance floor, NSISTA’s music invites listeners to get caught up in their spell and sense of amazement.

ECHOES of MOYUGBÁ (189MHz_02) 2011



ECHOES of MOYUGBÁ is a particular reinterpretation of the NSISTA´s music, where 4 worldwide producers _ DJ TUDO (Brasil), EQUIPO (Chile / Barcelona), VINILETTE (Barcelona / Berlin) y DJIIVA (Brasil / Barcelona) _ were guest to investigate in depth of sounds and afro-brazilian beats of the sisters, to find new ways with trancedental amplitude.

CABOCLA (189MHz_00) 2009




First single from NSISTA, with remixes of DJ Click and djiiva*, CABOCLA is kind of brazilelectro beats that cross borders and genres. Like stamps on their passports, CABOCLA is a unique collage of samba beats layered over lush electronic arrangements and experimental sounds cascading in the background. CABOCLA is a mythological entity, which comes from the brazilian ancestral tradition. The Brazilians call CABOCLA the spirits of indians that have been incorporated into certain Afro-Brazilian cults. NSISTA´s CABOCLA tries to rescue this legend, giving strength and courage to face life’s adversities.

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