New song and video: Guerreros de Audaces Batallas

Check out the video clip featuring more than 200 people from different parts of the world, directed by Francesca Catricalá.

Bold warriors and the battles of everyday life.
In this release, the sisters of NSISTA still crossing borders and genres with their original music. Warm electronic beats, ethereal voices, trance atmospheres and a very clear message: Commitment with everything you think, speak, want, consume and spread. Dedicated to the brave and tireless warriors worldwide.

Composed, Produced & Lyrics by Marise Cardoso
Co-produced and mixed by Amarilis Vitale Cardoso

Percussion by Sandro Lustosa

Sound Engineer: Amarilis Vitale Cardoso
Mastering & Sound Consulting: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra –

Recorded at Espaço Ipiranga _ Rio de Janeiro
Studio Primavera _ Belo Horizonte

Photo: Francesca Catricala –
Art Work: Amarilis Vitale Cardoso –


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