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#4 EU VI
#5 NOW or NOW

Composed & Produced by Amarilis, Lyrics by Marise Cardoso
Composed & Lyrics by Amarilis Vitale Cardoso, Produced by NSISTA
Composed, Produced & Lyrics by Marise Cardoso
Composed & Lyrics by Marise Cardoso, Produced by NSISTA
Composed & Lyrics by Marise Cardoso, Produced by NSISTA

All Tracks mixed by Amarilis Vitale Cardoso
Mastering & Sound Consulting: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra

Photo: Julie Guiches & Benoit Lorent
Art Work: Amarilis Vitale Cardoso

We live in uncertain times. Old structures are crumbling. New ones need inventing. The time for change is now. The time for action is now. This inspired NSISTA to call their new album Now or Now, a personal reflection on the tumultuous state of our world.

NSISTA is Marise Cardoso and Amarilis Vitale Cardoso, two Brazilian sisters and musical nomads based in Barcelona. Marise describes the album as “a soundtrack of change,” a picture of a world in crisis expressed in five, interconnected songs full of the artists’ unmistakable joy and optimism.

Now or Now contains several NSISTA traits: multiple languages, Afro-Latin rhythms, electronic beats. But the music and lyrics weave a far more sociopolitical narrative than previous albums, a thematic progression that begins with the ethereal Iby Guara and culminates in the emphatic title track Now or Now.

Iby Guara, a song in Tupi Guaraní, talks about the divine essence we all carry within, although we might be blind to it at times. Earthy rhythms, vocals soaring high above almost like a religious chant. Along with the third song, Invisibles caminos del viento, it reminds us that we hold the answers to the questions haunting our times and how, with a little faith in ourselves, we can find the way.

Temps Incerts, a song in Catalan, is an uplifting reflection on how times of uncertainty aren’t cause for despair. Change is also an opportunity to build something new, to “trace our own way through the world.” The song’s airy brightness conveys a feeling of possibility, but underneath its sparkle, a percussive beat lets us know that it’s not going to be easy.

Things take a darker turn in the two subsequent songs, Invisibles caminos del viento and, particularly, Eu Vi. The beats are dense, there’s a menacing undercurrent to the music, and the lyrics talk about things we’ve seen, mentions of war and natural disasters, corroded systems, the edge of an abyss. But Eu Vi doesn’t stop there, it isn’t a laundry list of modern pain. It pulls back from the abyss, stands tall and offers us a look at all of the things we’ve yet to see, all of the things to strive for.

The album closes with Now or Now, a song that brings all of the earlier ideas together in one euphoric, sambaloca call to action. Wake up! The time is now. There’s no choice, we must engage and embark on a new direction. Now or Now shifts away from the darker tone of Eu Vi, it is emphatic, soaring, the kind of song to get us off the couch and into the street.

What emerges in the end is a hopeful reflection on troubled times, hopeful in the sense that it seeks to remind us that crisis also means change, flux, transformation. Hopeful in the belief that we can wake up and work together to build the world we want to live in.

(Aisha Prigann)

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